Monday, November 17, 2008

Photo Books at Blurb

The Holidays are coming so fast. It seems like this year went by so quickly. Maybe it had something to do with my wedding. You get so busy with the wedding planning that you forget about the whole world. And than, one day, after it's over you sit down and wonder what happened... where did this year go?

Anyway, as I was researching photo books, for the wedding photos, I found this great site that offers a variety of books you can create yourself. It's called Blurb . They have regular photo books, poetry books, blog books, business books, and the one that got my attention quickly was the cook book. Yes, you can publish your own cook book with your recipes and pictures. And what a wonderful gift that could be.

I was thinking about making a cookbook with the recipes from Tim's (my husbands) grandmothers kitchen. It would be a great way to preserve the recipes and what a nice Christmas present.

Blurb offers variety of book sizes and 3 different styles of covers - soft cover, hardcover with dust jacket and hardcover with wrapped image. Free software is compatible with PC and Mac platform, and it's super easy to download. There are hundred of backgrounds, styles, layouts and you can customize the pages to what you really like. Once you design your book it takes up to two weeks to get it to your doorsteps.

I just started working on my wedding book, it will be a great gift for some of the close family from Poland that couldn't be here for our wedding.

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