Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wine, Food & Friends by Karen MacNeil

I was browsing through my favorite online shopping site Amazon and stumbled upon this book. I have spent some time looking for a nice wine book, something with new inspirations for upcoming holiday season. Karen MacNeil is one of the county's top wine educators, author and a tv host. She writes a column for Cooking Light. She is the author of this super popular wine book called the Wine Bible .

Wine, Food & Family is a perfect guide to wine and food pairing. Sometimes you just need a bit of expert advice to gain a better understanding of the art of selecting and serving wine as well as inspiration for elegant entertaining. The book also includes more than a 100 top rated Cooking Light recipes that were chosen by the author to complement your favorite wines.

I think I am going to like this book a lot, so I decided to put it in my cart - and... purchase it...
Once I get I definitely will post about it, and let you know if it really is good...

Karen's Sip Tip: Learning wine speak

"There are some conventional wine terms that are really important to know because they allow you to remember wine more easily and give you a vocabulary when you’re talking to your local wine merchant. The top three words to know are body, acidity, and tannin. Body is the weight of the wine in your mouth. One way to remember body is to think about skim milk, whole milk, and cream. A light-bodied wine is like skim milk; a full-bodied wine feels like cream. Acidity is what makes wine lively, vivacious and refreshing. Zing is a good thing when it comes to wine, and in fact, wines that don’t have enough acidity usually taste pretty boring, dull, and flat. And then there’s tannin. Tannin tastes a little bitter, like an espresso, and it’s what gives wine its majestic structure. It also helps wine age. So remember body, acidity and tannin: three words no wine lover should be without."

{quoted from Karen MacNeil's website}


Natalie MacLean said...

Great blog! I’d love to hear your suggestions for wine and food pairings for my online matching tool:


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Jenious said...

Thanks for recommending this book! She is one of my fav wine writers (as is Natalie MacLean!), so please let us know how it is.