Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There is a reason why I haven't been posting lately

I've been trying to publish few recipes on my blog, but I haven't had time lately to do so. And here is my reason why:

We just got a little Yorkie puppy - Cody. He's almost 12 weeks old, and his a lot like having a baby. So he takes all my free time after work. I love coming home and being greeted by my little puppy giving me kisses... He's a cutie. But believe me - he can be a troublemaker...

So hopefully shortly I will be able to get back to posting more often, and have more time to cook and bake. :)


Joie de vivre said...

Good luck with your new baby! What a cutie (and I'm not a dog person) Are these the dogs that only get to be about 6 inches long?

Meg said...

He will be about 4 pounds fully grown, and I think little more than 6 inches, but still pretty small compare to other dogs. He's a cute trouble! :)