Monday, January 26, 2009

Simple Blackberry Heaven...

This is something we used to drink in Poland when we were kids - it was simply called "koktail" - means cocktail. So this is really nothing more than some frozen blackberries with a little plain yogurt and some sugar or honey. Super easy and delicious, also very healthy, if you use low fat yogurt and Splenda. I topped it with a little lite cool whip and mint leaves. It looks very festive, and taste great. Try it sometimes, it's great for a summer dessert, but also fabulous light dessert after a heavy comfort food, winter dinner.

I am not a huge fan of anything frozen, but not that long ago I needed to make a blackberry sauce for my mom's crepes, and my grocery store was out of fresh blackberries. So I figured I try the bag of frozen blackberries. I thawed them, I made the sauce - it was really tasty, almost couldn't tell the difference.

So here I used 1/2 a bag of frozen blackberries, you can use any frozen fruit, but berries will be the best for this. Thaw them, blended in food processor or blender, add a little bit of orange zest or orange juice, (optional), 2-3 TBS of plain low fat yogurt (great with Greek yogurt, also), 1 TBS of sugar, blend it together, and taste it. Add more sugar or yogurt - it all depends how you like it. Garnish with a little cool whip, or just 1/2 tsp of yogurt, or even some ice cream, mint leaves, or slice of orange... It's thicker than a smoothie, but adding a little ice to the mixture will make it very smoothie like... YUMM!

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