Friday, November 7, 2008

Wine Logg: A to Z 2007 Pinot Noir

A to Z Winery produces one of my favorite Pinot Noirs. For under $20.00 you get this very flavorful, vibrant, with aromas of raspberries and blueberries wine. It has this smoky, earthy flavor. I call it cloudy... it just is little cloudy on a palette. And that's what I love about this wine!
Since Food & Wine magazine announced it the best pinot under $20.00 I have a hard time trying to find in the stores.

Anyway, A little about the winery: so where is the name come from, A to Z?
Well, this winery blends component wines that come from many different wineries in Oregon, and instead of listing all of them, they decided to name it from A to Z. The idea behind it is, instead of reflecting just one specific winery, they represents the whole Oregon of wineries... I think it's pretty clever, and the wines they make are really good.

I will quote the tasting notes for this superb A to Z 2007 Pinot Noir:
"2007 A to Z Pinot Noir is true to variety and vintage with bold aromatics and a palate to please. This wine has moderately-deep color and a tannin profile to match. The dark spices on the nose and palate complement the flavors you would expect from a good Oregon Pinot Noir: blackberry, raspberry, black cherry and earth. The oak profile is restrained and the natural acidity from the 2007 vintage gives the wine precision and tautness." {provided by A to Z Wineworks website}

If you are into pinots, and you can find it - I would definitely give it a try. It is a really good wine. Great for a gift, or party...

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